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    MB1480 - Sloth Mug MB1480 - Sloth Mug
    MB1481 - Tree Frog Mug MB1481 - Tree Frog Mug
    MB1482 - Mermaid Mug MB1482 - Mermaid Mug
    MB1486 - Rustic Tray MB1486 - Rustic Tray
    MB1489 - Hedgehog Planter MB1489 - Hedgehog Planter
    MB1490 - Whimsical Clock MB1490 - Whimsical Clock
    MB1491 - Faceted Fox MB1491 - Faceted Fox
    MB1492 - Faceted Turtle MB1492 - Faceted Turtle
    MB1488 - Fairy Door MB1488 - Fairy Door
    MB1484 - Tree Stump Fairy House MB1484 - Tree Stump Fairy House
    MB1485 - Flower Fairy House MB1485 - Flower Fairy House
    MB1483- Double Decker Bus Bank  MB1483- Double Decker Bus Bank
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What Time Is It?

Time to make a clock!

004Earthenware bisque item, MB-1366 12" Bottle Cap, is begging to be made into a clock. And making a clock is a lot easier than it may initially sound.

You need two basic parts: the clock movement and the arms.  The clock movement can be electric or battery powered - in our example we went with a simple, battery operated quartz model.


Clockmaking supplies can be found at many online retailers.  Some of our distributors offer very inexpensive clockmaking supplies - all the necessary parts for less than $10.  Mayco distributors that offer clock making supplies include:

Perhaps the most difficult steps are finding the center and drilling the hole.

Finding the Center:  place the bottle cap facing up and lay a 12" ruler across the surface.  With a pencil create a line from the 5 ¾" mark to the 6 ¼" mark.  Move the ruler perpendicular to the line just made and create another ½" line as explained above.  The intersection of the two lines is where we'll drill our center hole.

Drilling the Hole: place the clock movement nipple over the "X" mark, centering it over this mark. Trace around the nipple with a pencil, creating a small circle.  You can use a Dremel tool or a carbide tipped drill bit to create the hole.  We used the Dremel tool to create a small hole and then expand the hole to the edges of the circle we created.

Attach Clock Movement:  insert the movement nipple from the rear through the hole created.  Thread the brass nut down the nipple until the clock movement is snug against the clock face.

Attach the clock hands - some sets will have a second hand, some may not.  Insert the recommended battery and hang upon the wall!

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01 002 003 004
(L to R): drilled bisque, clock movement, brass nut, clock arms (L to R): drilled bisque, clock movement, brass nut, clock arms Insert the nipple of the clock movement from the back,  through the center hole. Thread the brass nut down the nipple until snug against the clock face. Time to enjoy!!

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