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Mud Room Crystals at Cone 6

Jungle Gem and Crystalites glazes demonstrate the magic of the kiln more effectively than any other glaze. Often referred to as ‘Art in a Jar”, these beautiful glazes transform in the kiln when small pieces of glass burst into color and create intricate patterns during the firing process. Use alone to add texture, depth and stunning effects, or in glaze combination blending with Stroke & Coats, Foundations, Cobblestones or simply as an accent to your design. Our Crystal Glazes are easy to use while providing outstanding results. Although the glazes are designed to mature at cone 06/05, Crystal Glazes can be fired to higher temperatures. As crystals tend to flow at higher temperatures, we recommend reviewing individual color labels for cone 6 firing results and limiting the number of crystals on bottom third of vertical piece to avoid glaze running onto the kiln shelf. The crystals in the glaze will melt when fired, which may create a textured surface. As that surface may be difficult to properly clean if in contact with food, we recommend crystal glazes to be used on non-food surface areas. For example, the outside of a mug, outside of a bowl, rim of a plate, decorative pieces, etc.

Tips, FAQ & Application Info for Using Jungle Gem Crystal Glazes

cg at6

One of the most distinctive traits of Mayco Stoneware is that the glazes provide intriguing visual interest and movement but does not run off your artistic pieces. Best known for being receptive and favorable to the user during application and firing, the glaze was developed to perform from mid-range (cone 4/6) to high fire (cone 9/10) temperatures and the final product can withstand heavy use for many years.

The Stoneware Crystal collection provides an assortment of Mayco’s unique crystal glazes, designed to expand upon the surface with bursts of color where crystals lay. Our two newest Stoneware Crystal glazes, SW170-Blue Hydrangea and SW-171 Enchanted Forest contain small pieces of glass which create variegated color when fired. The glazes are truly eye-catching by themselves, blending and pooling naturally over the clay form. 

 Additional Stoneware Glaze Combinations

drip sw171 over sw251   drip sw171 over sw105
 SW171 Enchanted Forest over SW251 Pink Opal. Cone 6 Reduction.  SW171 Enchanted Forest over SW105 Frost Blue. Cone 6 Reduction.  
 drip sw158 over sw170  drip sw163 over sw170
 SW158 Lilac Matte over SW170 Blue Hydrangea. Cone 6 Reduction.  SW163 Soft Red Matte over SW170 Blue Hydrangea. Cone 6 Reduction.
sw170 teapot cup
sw170 cup sw171 cup
SW170 Blue Hydrangea and base color SW207 Chambray  SW171 Enchanted Forest and base color SW209 Charcoal

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