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The Versatility of Designer Liner

Imagine a line thin as a hair or thick as a piece of yarn. Envision a line with character, it’s squiggly, wavy, dotted, jagged, and curvaceous. This product creates a line to fit your imagination. Whether you’re writing, doodling, illustrating or simply drawing shapes and patterns, Mayco’s Designer Liner is the modern quill pen of ceramic glaze tools. 

With its hollow, metal needle tipped precision, Designer Liner allows the artist to draw thick to ultra-thin lines all in one stroke. Rich, concentrated pigment keeps all lines bold and maintains a dynamic contrast between the line work and background at cone 06-6 temperatures. To ensure sharpness in line quality, use a non-moving translucent or clear glaze over the top of Designer Liner. Fires to a matte finish without a glaze over the top.

Try all types of lines to create depth and visual interest in your designs by rendering objects with three-dimensional appearance including shadows and reflections by incorporating various drawing techniques such as cross hatching (crisscross lines), stippling (also know as pointillism), scrumbling (uneven color layering), or to create calligraphy-like line-work.

Most artists know that Designer Liner can be used for precise lines on decorative pieces ... but did you know that it can also be used for brushwork?  Artists can use CB-106 #6 Script Liner Brush to paint on designs. This method allows for maximum detail and line weight variation. The painterly approach enables artists to create depth by using thin lines which recede to the background and thicker lines which push to the foreground.

Although Designer Liner is nearly fail-proof, there are a couple precautions that are good to know before getting started. If applied too thick, the Designer Liner may shiver or pop off the bisque during glaze firing, especially if the Designer Liner isn’t glazed over with two coats of clear glaze. Oppositely, if the Designer Liner is too thick and underneath a clear or translucent glaze, it will often separate from itself and create a break in the line. These don’t seem to be definite results but are possible outcomes with many variables, like the kiln firing program used and the interaction of others glazes under and over the Designer Liner.

High fire glazes combined with Designer Liner such as the Stoneware Glaze Line from Mayco will make the line work blur or turn somewhat fuzzy, a pleasing aesthetic effect we often refer to as a happy accident. This is due to higher temperatures and the pull of gravity upon the glazes as they liquefy during firing which drags the Designer Liner. Conversely, if the bisque is fired horizontally flat on the shelf with stoneware glazes, the Designer Liner will not have nearly as much movement.

Designer Liner can be used to design decorative accents, the main imagery, or simply to elegantly sign the bottle of your artwork. Whether you use pattern making, repeating shapes, lettering, or illustrative brushwork, Mayco’s Designer Liner is sure to impress. Certified AP Non-toxic and Food Safe. Available in 11 colors!

Learn more about Designer Liner.   

(Click here to view a gallery of work using Designer Liner)

stoneware dl cup Stoneware bisque set by Nate Klein Vessels by Josh Clark

Designer Liner has great versatility! Use as a liner and with brushwork.

Try all types of lines to create depth and visual interest. The metal writer tip allows for ultimate control to draw ultra-fine lines, typography, and intricate illustrations.





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