Raku, Washes, and More

As artists, we are constantly looking for creative and innovative techniques in our design. Achieving specific effects sometimes requires non-traditional studio tools and materials including horse hair, feathers, string, sponges, liquid dish soap, raffia, eyelash yarn, shop towels and more. 

Mayco's Stoneware Washes are versatile in use and firing range. They can be used alone as a body stain or surface treatment or used over or under another glaze- ideal for image transfer techniques and line work. Will perform in firing temperatures from cone 06-cone 10 and are stunning in oxidation and reduction. Available in Iron, Rutile, Manganese, Copper and Cobalt finishes. Learn more about Stoneware Wash here.

Mayco's Raku glazes are designed to develop beautiful metallic lusters and crackle patterns when used in the raku firing. The raku firing process includes firing an earthenware body and glaze in a kiln, removing the ware from the kiln after it has reached the proper temperature, placing it in a container of combustible material and enclosing the container to reduce the oxygen in the container. Mayco has seven Raku glazes to choose from. Learn more about our Raku glazes here. 

raku feather ebab 600 192 CopperStripedStonewareMugs Spot Raku Plate
Using horsehair and feathers in Raku firing, yields incredible marks Stoneware Washes can expand the glaze palette for any artist or teacher.  Raku glazes use combustibles and varying firing methods to produce unique finishes.