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Elements™ Glazes in the PYOP Studio

Most people that visit your studio love the bright colors and festive designs. But there are those customers that find a more earthy, organic look to be their taste. That’s where Elements glazes can save the day! Whether used alone, layered or combined with Cascades, Elements Chunkies,  Crystal glazes, Elements provide an elegant look on low fire pottery (cone 06). 

Need a little project inspiration? We have you covered! Our Elements Feature gallery offers a variety of techniques using Elements Glazes. Some are basic layering techniques and others show you how to incorporate Silkscreens, Stroke & Coat, paper masking and more.

One easy way to work with Elements glazes is to overlap them with the Cascades to create an organic, stoneware inspired design. This is ideal for customers that want something that looks like “real pottery” or would like to try something new. Colors change a bit with the Cascade layering, but you will get more consistent results than randomly layering glazes you haven’t used. 

Visit our Low Fire Glaze Combinations page to see examples of layered Elements and Elements layered with the Cascades. While you’re there, click on each image to see how we created each look. 

 Swirled Elements Slate  Light Bulb Plate  Crackled Pears
Fall Leaf Bold Red Fish Autumn Leaves

The unique shape and texture of our collection of Cactus Bisque offer a unique surface for working with Elements. Fairy gardens are another fun way to incorporate Elements into your studio offerings. Check out this Elements English Cottage project. 

Desert Elements Cactielementscottage image

Elements™ Glazes Ideal for the PYOP Studio

To keep the process of working with Elements glazes simple, we have created a list of easy to use colors that will give you great results in your studio.

EL-101 Oyster Shell

EL-103 Sea Spray

EL-107 Amber Ash

EL-110 Mudslide

EL-118 Blue Grotto

EL-125 Sahara Sands

EL-127 Rose Granite

EL-128 Wheat

EL-129 Slate

EL-130 Sea Green

EL-131 Turtle Shell

EL-132 Rust Red

EL-133 Autumn

As you create samples for your Elements promotions, create vignettes that show various ideas to inspire your customers. A set that includes a desk tray, mug and picture frame set up to resemble an entry table or work desk will suggest great Father’s Day projects. A set of chili bowls or latte mugs with candles, blankets, and books suggest the feeling of a cozy day inside. Create samples and smart signage that shows your customers how you can use silkscreens, stamps, mats and various techniques (such as those that you regularly use with Stroke & Coat) with Elements Glazes.

Be sure to test any new glaze combinations prior to promoting them in your studio so you’ll know how they look fired. Many Elements Glazes are a rusty red or deep gray color before firing. We suggest painting bowls in each Elements color that you carry and use those as your vessels (palettes) to hold the colors customers will be using as they decorate a piece. This will help them keep track of the colors they are applying and will help them with their ability to visualize what their project will look like after firing. 


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