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Try Elements™ In Your Studio

Mayco Elements™ provide an earthy, organic look when used alone, but can also take on a rich elegant look when combined with Elements™ Chunkies or Crystal Glazes. What’s really cool is that these glazes are fired to Cone 06. You get a high-fire look on low fire bisque which is great for your studio! We understand that some customers like to know what they’re getting when they apply glazes to bisque. So, we created some simple projects on our fairy garden themed shapes that feature Elements. If you’re not familiar with the Fairy Garden trend, take a look at these two articles for a little inspiration. They’re perfect for kids camp and adults alike.

126.CopperRoofFairyHouse acorn in scene
The Creative World of Fairy Gardens   Fairy House for Fun and Profit


Some of the most striking projects come from layering Elements™. Apply three layers of glaze to shelf cone 04 bisque, allowing to dry between coats. Movement and flowing during firing are characteristic of these glazes so be sure to taper off the glaze application toward the bottom of the bisque to prevent glaze from running onto the kiln shelf. This is especially true if you apply Cascade (used to enhance glaze movement) between glazes.

Try some of the techniques you would use with Stroke & Coat and Foundations®, but with Elements™. Use paper to mask an area then apply Chunkies around the masked area. Apply sticker dots to create a rustic polka dotted design. Incorporate stamps, lace or raffia for a different look. Take a look at these Low Fire Combinations for a little inspiration.

Need a little project inspiration? We have you covered!

Cool Elements Plate

Matte Elegance Bowl

Yadro Print Faceted Owl

Sunset Silhouette

Element Rhino

Faceted Lion

Steampunk Key Box

Black Adventurine Fish Vase

Flowing Elements Vase

Mitosis Tile

Lemon Lime Heart

Mushrooms with Crystals

Layered Chunkies

Lemon Lime Heart


Mushrooms with Crystals


Layered Chunkies

To view color chips and learn more about using Elements and Elements Chunkies please visit: Elements and Elements Chunkies Home Page

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