Tips & Tricks for Hand Prints

This is one of the best money makers in your studio! Hand prints are big for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents and for the upcoming Holiday season.

You can offer hand print art a couple of ways:
Illuminated Footprints

  1. Hand prints painted in the studio by the parents
  2. Custom work - Have designs available that you and your staff do for an additional fee.

Sources for Ideas:

These are just a few books available with hand print art ideas.

Rule of Thumb: typically children under 6 months are grippers. If the child is a real gripper, do the footprint. I have had success with children when sleeping and just weeks old. It depends on the child and your trickiness.
How to get started: Select a color that is medium to dark intensity. The pale pink (SC-01) or light pastel colors don’t show up as well as the darker colors since this is a one coat painting. Some of the really deep dark colors are hard to wipe off and redo if the print is smudged.

Options for the Background
Paint the background a lighter color with a darker print on top. Sponge the background. Put the hand print on the pottery first, and then sponge up to the print. Also, it looks nice leaving a bit of white around the print; it gives the print a framed effect. I don’t recommend painting the background a dark color and then putting the print on top. However, I have seen a really cute plate painted black and the foot print was a white ghost (stamped twice) and it worked well. The paint (glaze) is non-toxic, so it will not harm the child. But please try to keep the little hands out of the mouth. They will eat anything.

Tips & Tricks for Successful Printing:

Overall, this is a very playful and interactive decorating effect for parents and their children to make in your studio!