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Can It!

redneck wine coolerThe cool thing about some bisque shapes is the multiple uses that they offer. Such is the case with Mayco’s new Paint Cans, affectionately known as Can It!. These nifty pieces are examples of how one shape can be marketed in multiple ways.

6 Ways to Decorate & Market 1 Product - Can It! by Crista Toler

Craft Supplies / Paintbrush Holder
One of our favorite uses for a studio is creating paintbrush holders. Adorn them with colorful-handled paintbrushes and place on each table in your studio. Or, divide the surface to show a variety of techniques on each table. Better yet, paint a dot or stripe of each color on the can to create a color chart for each table. Customers will like using the cans to hold craft supplies such as scissors, markers, rulers and pencils.

Herb Planter
A set of the quart-sized Can It will look perfect on a windowsill or patio when each is filled with an herb plant. Decorate the cans with similar colors and styles to make a coordinating set. The gallon-sized Can It makes an ideal planter for larger plants too. Consider putting a small topiary in one for the holidays. Here’s an idea! Consider upselling a selection of herbs to complete the project as a convenience for the customer. Plus, it makes a complete gift!

Bathroom Caddy
Think of all the things that could be corralled in a bathroom. Toothbrushes and toothpaste get a decorative boost when displayed in a tiki face paint can! These fun cans are also handy for storing wash cloths, cotton balls and makeup brushes. You could divide the outside into sections and paint each with a fun reminder for kids: Brush Your Teeth, Wash Your Face, Brush Your Hair, Pucker Up!

Redneck Wine Cooler
Finally, a wine cooler that doesn’t put on “airs”! Embellish a paint can with grapes and vines to give it a vino-esque look. Add a mason jar wine glass and you’re ready to go. Cheers!

Candy Jar
Decorate a paint can to coincide with your favorite sweet treat! Try swirls for peppermints, fingerprints or polka dots for jelly beans or candy corn for a Halloween treat jar. You could even leave the can white and paint spooky eyes all over the can for a simple look.

Rustic Pail
Rustic looking, weathered cans and jars are hot in the design market. Use Mayco’s Magic Metallics to create your own rust-covered ceramic can in no time. Magic Metallics colors and Rapid Rust speed up the natural oxidation process and provide unique results every time. Try this technique to make a rustic vase or wine cooler!

We encourage you to have fun with the paint cans! Let your creativity run free as you experiment with new uses and designs. Visit our website for projects for every season. Feel free to share your creations with us - we love pictures!

One more thing. Can It paint cans do not come with handles, which gives you the opportunity to create your own...or not. Watch our video to see how we created handles for some of our projects using basic tools. Have your staff assemble handles during slow times. Here’s an idea! Embellish the handles with beads, ribbon and other fun bling then charge a bit more for the handle. This allows for an even more unique piece. Can-It Handles How-To Video

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