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Retrospective by Crista Toler

crista tolerJuly 12, 2014, will mark one year that I have been working with Mayco. Certainly, during the past 12 months, I have learned a great deal about the color side of the industry. But beyond that, I have learned a lot about this amazing company which is comprised of people that are passionate, dedicated and incredibly talented.

I used Mayco products in my studio in Wilmington, NC and always loved the results my customers and I achieved with the products. I loved attending Pottery Camp and learning new techniques that were totally unique. I was always able to take what I learned and use it my studio to grow my business and my build upon my repertoire of skills and ideas to share with customers. I loved getting to know the Mayco team when I attended the CCSA Convention. Mayco helped provide me with a wonderful studio experience.

It is incredibly overwhelming and gratifying to now experience the behind-the-scenes efforts that make Mayco so great. This team of experts makes it all look so easy, but their strong sense of loyalty, dedication, and passion for what they do help define them.

It’s common knowledge that Mayco wrote the book on color and technique, but it’s time that the world got a peek into more of what makes Mayco the best.

  • Integrity and Commitment to Excellence - The Mayco team works diligently to provide the best quality, best performing and best-looking products in the market.
  • Dedication to Safety - Mayco has gone the extra mile (and expense) to assure consumers and studios of our products safety. Mayco is the only color company serving the PYOP market to join ACMI (Art & Creative Materials Institute), an organization that tests art materials in accordance with strict toxicology standards. Most of our products are certified as AP non-toxic (Approved Product).
  • Innovation - This team of innovators is the leader in new product development. They are constantly creating new products that can be used in a variety of way to keep consumers interested and returning to your studio.
  • Family - Mayco is a family rather than people that just work together. They spend time together outside of work and even have a cookout every Friday in the summer. They work hard and have fun in the process.
  • Passion - The Mayco family wants its customers to be successful. Not just with all our products and educational /business programs, but in their overall business.
  • Trendspotting & Design - The Design Team is the best at trendspotting and translating that inspiration that into the creation of unique techniques, projects, programs and products that allow the sharing of that knowledge with the industry. It is truly amazing to walk through the Design Team’s world and see what they create each day.
  • Expert Knowledge - Mayco employs specialists in every field and market they serve. These people have been active participants in their specific market and know from experience what each market wants and needs-from the PYOP industry to potters, schools, glass artists and more.
  • Support - Mayco provides full-time technical support. How cool is that? Kathy McCourt is available to help you with any technical question. She has over 30 years in ceramics and is the best at diagnosing and providing solutions to problems.
  • Ceramic Engineering - Having an In-house Ceramic Engineer and Technical Staff that develops, analyzes and maintains quality control of all glazes and bisque is truly unique and is evident in the quality products that Mayco produces. This team of geniuses blows my mind.
  • Industry Support - Mayco is a founding member of CCSA and continues to serve and work with the association to grow the industry. The company employs three former Board of Directors members so they truly understand the organization.
  • Made in the USA - All of Mayco colors and 25% of the bisque product are made in the USA - right in Ohio. I love that.

My year at Mayco has been absolutely fantastic. The family welcomed me immediately and continues to inspire me and help me develop and grow both personally and in the markets we serve. I’m thrilled to be part of the family!

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