Midrange Jungle Gems

jungle gems tileGlaze was brushed onto stoneware slip cast tiles. 3 coats were applied and fired to cone 6. 

CG-707 Woodland Fantasy CG-707 Woodland Fantasy
CG-713 Peacock Green CG-713 Peacock Green
CG-716 Pagoda Green CG-716 Pagoda Green
CG-717 Pistachio CG-717 Pistachio
CG-718 Blue Caprice CG-718 Blue Caprice
CG-722 Seawind CG-722 Seawind
CG-750 Noel CG-750 Noel
CG-753 Sassy Orange CG-753 Sassy Orange
CG-756 Firecracker CG-756 Firecracker
CG-779 Black Opal CG-779 Black Opal
CG-780 Mystic Jade CG-780 Mystic Jade
CG-783 Strawberry Sundae CG-783 Strawberry Sundae
CG-785 Royal Fantasy CG-785 Royal Fantasy
CG-786 Obsidian CG-786 Obsidian
CG-788 Dutch Enamelware CG-788 Dutch Enamelware
CG-795 Yardro Print CG-795 Yardro Print
CG-798 Black Iris CG-798 Black Iris
CG-954 Wildfire CG-954 Wildfire
CG-958 Lagoon Blue CG-958 Lagoon Blue
CG-962 Blue Azure CG-962 Blue Azure
CG-963 Lemon Lime CG-963 Lemon Lime
CG-964 Kaleidoscope CG-964 Kaleidoscope
CG-965 Mocha Marble CG-965 Mocha Marble
CG-966 Tiger Lily CG-966 Tiger Lily
CG-967 Green Agate CG-967 Green Agate
CG-968 Peppermint Twist CG-968 Peppermint Twist
CG-969 Floral Fantasy CG-969 Floral Fantasy
CG-970 Masquerade CG-970 Masquerade
CG-972 Dragon's Breath CG-972 Dragon's Breath
CG-973 Alligator CG-973 Alligator

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