Kiln Wash

APsealIn their latest product release, Mayco introduced Kiln Wash in a 16 oz wide-mouth jar. For the classroom with a ceramics program, Mayco Kiln Wash is a dream. AP certified, pre-mixed, clumpless and the perfect brushing consistency, students will no longer need respirators to combine dry ingredients.  Unlike many kiln wash recipes, getting the ratio just right is tricky. Mayco has a well balanced recipe that does not crack or peel during firing and will endure the demands of a classroom firing schedule. To protect your kiln shelves from dripping glaze, simply coat 2-3 thin layers of Mayco Kiln Wash to each shelf. Fire shelves with bone-dry greenware in a bisque firing to mature the kiln wash. Apply it to other kiln furniture and stilts to avoid glaze fusing to the surface. Find a Mayco Distributor near you to try Mayco Kiln Wash in your studio or classroom.

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Premixed and ready-to-use, Mayco Kiln Wash offers superior performance for oxidation, reduction, and specialty kiln firings; ranging from cone 018 to cone 13 temperatures. Mayco Kiln Wash is easy to apply and flows smoothly over the kiln shelf. It will not crack or peel when properly applied according to directions. One proper application of Mayco Kiln Wash will remain effective through multiple firings, increasing the working life of the kiln shelf.  
Shake or stir well. Thin with water if needed. Prior to applying, wipe the kiln shelf with a damp sponge to remove dust. Brush two to three uniform coats to kiln shelf, allowing Kiln Wash to semi-dry between coats. Not recommend for use with conventionally formulated kiln washes.   Remove conventionally formulated kiln washes prior to application of Mayco Kiln Wash.

Mayco Kiln Wash Label