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Sculpting Medium & Designer Liner

Designer Liner

SG-401sg_401_bottleDesigner Liner is a concentrated, clay-based black pigment, packaged in a 1.25 oz. squeeze bottle featuring a metal writer tip.  The metal tip allows for precise application - almost as accurate and precise as a ball point pen.  You can create designs, outline shapes or patterns in your design, create stripes, dots, squiggles & lines, or write words.

It can be applied directly on clay, bisque, or over other glazes. Designer Liner will fire to a matte finish - a clear or transparent glaze (Foundations Sheers, for example) will give it a gloss finish.

Designer Liner can also be applied using a liner brush, such as CB-110 #10/0 liner. Will fire from cone 05/06 up to cone 6.

Product Features & Attributes

  • Quick Drying - design integrity is maximumized, but clogging the narrow passages of the metal and/or plastic tips may occur.  The small straight pin is provided to ream either orifice should it become clogged.
  • Matte Finish - may require a clear or transparent glaze if a gloss finish is desired.
  • Non Toxic, Food Safe. May not be suitable for dinnerware due to surface characteristics.


SG_closeUp_liner_design SG_closeUp_liner_draw SG_closeUp_liner_text
Outline or provide contrast to a design
Draw designs as if you were using a pen or pencil
Write words or numbers


Sculpting Medium

SG-501Sculpting Medium is a dimension "glaze" that produces a white, raised surface.  A great use of Sculpting Medium is to add structured design elements to you work using stencils, lace and stamps.  Apply a stencil to your piece, brush Sculpting Medium over the stencil; let the Medium set up a bit and remove the stencil.

It has the viscosity of condensed milk and it can be brushed on or applied with a sponge.  Sculpting Medium can be applied directly on bisque or ontop of an unfired glaze. The recommended application thickness is 1/16 to ⅛".  The fired finish can be coarse and have rough edges; a layer of clear glaze (or a colored glaze) will smooth these sharp edges.

Firing range is 05/06: it will not perform at higher temperatures.


Product Features & Attributes

  • Quick Drying - design integrity is maximumized.
  • Thickness Sensitivity - thicker applications over ⅛" may result in splits or cracks appearing in the fired result. You may want to achieve this effect; if not keep the thickness to the lowest levels (below ⅛")
  • Raised or Incised Textures - stencils and lace can be used to create raised textures; apply a base and stamp into it to create an incised area.
  • Base Glaze Properties - applied on top of a moving glaze will cause the Sculpting Medium design to move and separate.
  • Sharp Edges - when using with lace or a stencil, the removal of the lace after the product is applied may create coarse, rough edges. A moistened fan brush can be used to smooth these rough edges.  You can also apply a glaze over the Medium, which will smooth any sharp effects
  • Non Toxic, Food Safe. May not be suitable for dinnerware due to surface characteristics.


SG_closeUp_medium_brushed SG_closeUp_medium_stencil SG_closeUp_medium_writerTip
Raised design, colored with Stroke 'n Coat.
Precise, crisp design created with a stencil
Applied with a writer tip