Wrought Iron over Soft Red Matte

sw111 over sw163 vertical


SW-111 Wrought Iron over SW-163 Soft Red Matte turns matte when it soaks into the red matte. Waves form as the glaze moves with the crests of each wave turning glossy. 

3 coats of SW-163 Soft Red Matte were brushed on ⅔ of the tile, from the top-down .

Allowing for the Soft Red Matte to dry, 3 coats of SW-111 Wrought Iron were brushed on ⅔ of the tile, from the bottom-up.

Cone 6 Oxidation, white stoneware body, fired vertically. Horizontal surfaces create oil spots that turn glossy where Wrought Iron build-up occurs.  Always test before using on production work.






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