Wooden Box

Products Used

  • MM-105 - Gold Metallic
  • MM-106 - Steel Metallic
  • MM-202 - Green Patina
  • MM-305 - Rapid Rust
  • MM-502 - Matte Sealer
  • MM-600 - Spritzer Cap
  • SS-317 - Turquoise
Decorating Accessories
  • Accessories AB-834 - ¾" Acrylic Base Coat
Additional Materials
  • Paper Towel
  • Foam Plates
  • Wood Box
  • Netting
Project Info


  1. Using an AB-834 ¾" Base Coat, apply 1 coat of SS-317 Turquoise to the box, inside and out. Allow to dry.
  2. Shake and stir MM-106 Steel Metallic well. Place on a foam plate.
  3. Using an AB-902 #2 Stiff Fan, apply 1 coat of MM-106 Steel Metallic to the center area of the box lid. Allow to dry. Appy a 2nd coat of MM-106 Steel Metallic. While it is still wet to damp, spritz with MM-305 Rapid Rust. Rust will start to develop in about 20 minutes.
  4. Shake MM-105 Gold Metallic well. Place some on a foam plate.
  5. Using an AB-83 ¾" Base Coat, apply 2 coats of MM-105 Gold Metallic to the rest of the outside of the box, except the bottom. Allow to dry between each coat.
  6. While the 2nd coat of MM-105 Gold Metallic is still wet, stamp with netting that has MM-202 Green Patina applied to it. Allow to dry.
  7. Highlight the design on the lid with MM-105 Gold Metallic.
  8. Using an AB-83 ¾" Basecoat, apply 2 coats of MM-502 Matte Sealer to the piece.