Hedgehog Handbuilt

Products Used

  • Hand made
  • FN-50 Coral, FN-54 Pistachio, S-2101 Crystal Clear, SG-409 Bright Green, SC-78 Lime Light, SC-15 Tuxedo

Decorating Accessories

  • SL-440 Twirls, CB-110 Liner, CB-604 Soft Fan, CB-602 Soft Fan, BT-910 Synthetic Sponge

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Low fire Clay, Rolling Pin, Needle Tool, 1/4 inch slats, scoring tool, canvas, pony roller, flat edge tool
  • Download: Pattern 270.Hedgehog_handbuilt.pdf




Designer: Marcia Roullard

Building Instructions

1. Roll out a slab of clay ¼” thick, using a slab roller or roll between ¼” wood slats with a rolling pin, on a canvas surface.

2. Place SL-440 Twirls stencil onto the clay and roll the pattern into the clay with a pony roller. 

3.  Let the clay sit till it is almost leather hard.

4. Using a needle tool, cut out a right and left shape of the hedgehog body with the pattern as a guide.

5. Cut strips of clay about 3/4” wide, long enough to fit around the shape of the hedgehog, starting at the nose area to the tail.

6. Cut another strip that is tapered from 3/4 inch to 1 3/4 inches to 3/4 inch wide. This will start under the nose at 3/4 inch wide, then changes to the bottom at 1 3/4 inches and fitting to the 3/4” at the other end. Adjustments can be made when building the piece.

7. Score around the edge on the inside shape of the hedgehog with a scoring tool, score the edge of the narrow strip of clay, brush water over the scored surfaces, re-score and wet again for a good bond.

8. Place the clay strip over the shape of the hedgehog, bending it to fit on the irregular shape. Score and wet the wider strip of clay to fit on the lower half of the hedgehog and press pieces of clay together.

9. Score and wet the remaining side of the hedgehog, and fit to the body and sides.  Adjustments can be made at this time.  Fill in any gaps with clay coils then smooth out with your fingers.

10. Roll a small clay ball for the nose, score, wet and attach.

11. Separate the face from the body with a clay coil, and smooth out into the face using your finger. Do the same to define the eye lid. 

12. Put a hole in the bottom for air to escape during firing. Let dry.

13. Fire to cone 04.

Painting Instructions

14. Using CB-604 Soft Fan, apply three coats of FN-50 Coral to the body of the hedgehog. Before the third coat is dry, scrape off the glaze from the spirals with a flat edge tool. 

15. Using CB-602 Soft Fan, apply three coats of FN-54 Pistachio to the face. 

16. Using CB-106 Script Liner, apply one coat of SC-78 Lime Light to the spirals. Fade the color into the center of the spirals, leaving the center unpainted. 

17. Outline the spirals with SG-409 Bright Green.

18. Using CB-106 Script Liner, apply one coat of SC-15 Tuxedo to the nose, and using CB-110 Liner, create eye lashes. 

19. Using CB-604 Soft Fan, apply one coat of S-2101 Crystal Clear to the body.

20. Stilt and fire to cone 05/06.

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