Mayco Colors has become a member of The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc.

APseal(ACMI).   As of May 2013, product labels for our flagship brand, Stroke & Coat®, and our Foundations glazes feature the AP seal certifying lead free, non-toxic status.

The Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) is a non-profit association of manufacturers of art, craft and other creative materials founded over 70 years ago. ACMI sponsors certification programs for children's and adult art materials,certifying that these products are non-toxic and/or affixed with health warning labels where appropriate. The “AP” Seal is one of the most identifiable symbols in art materials markets, which we now proudly display on our flagship brand, Stroke & Coat®, as well as our Foundations glazes.  As more of our products pass ACMI certification we will be displaying the AP symbol on those labels as well.

Two of the strongest reasons why Mayco Colors decided to join ACMI: their proactive position towards product safety, chemical evaluations, legislation, etc., and the shared resources provided to members.

One of the ways ACMI maintains a proactivestance towards chemicals is through their Toxicological Advisory Board.  The board is active in on-going toxicological review of art material ingredients, to provide warning of any problems and review of all formulations to ensure that formulation records are current.  The toxicological staff at Duke University offers to review, advise, and pre-screen formulation changes based on the most current knowledge.

Today, ACMI has over 220 members and has certified over 60,000 art material formulations.  Having access to this large group of companies allows us to share in a broader discussions and perspectives on art material safety – to see the bigger picture. ACMI engages in lobbying efforts that “attempt to defeat, amend or pass suitable state or Federal legislation regarding labeling of art materials, sales to schools, and many other issues affecting ACMI members and their products.” Legal counsel, representing the larger perspective of art materials manufacturers, is also a solid benefit of membership.