Mayco at NCECA 2016


NCECA 2016
Todd Hickerson, Mayco Designer

The 50th Annual Conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) was held March 14-19, 2016 in Kansas City, Missouri. Makers, Mentors and Milestones lived up to my anticipation and expectation of a 50-year celebration of clay. With nearly 200 booths and over 7000 participants, there was plenty to see and do throughout the hall. I may be biased, but Mayco's booth was a show-stopper!

Having the best vendor display didn't come easy. With certain rules preventing Keith and I from using the pallet jack to unload our truck, we hand-carried our entire booth across the concrete jungle, with only having one mishap of falling boxes of glaze samples scattering everywhere. Once in place, the setup of the booth went very smooth, thanks to Nate and Colleen's helping hand – it's all about teamwork!

Exploring this year's Mayco booth at the 50th Anniversary of NCECA, attendees were able to closely examine the variety of high quality glazes and design tools Mayco produces. The section of our booth that gained the most attention was the exciting showcase of Stoneware glaze combinations. The large-scale forms displaying the glaze combinations allowed attendees to visualize how Mayco Stoneware glazes can transform the surface. Especially when integrating another Stoneware glaze, endless combinations are possible. Incorporating the Stoneware glazed mug examples also gave us an opportunity to and discuss the different results from firing on a vertical or horizontal form.

Once intrigued by the assortment of Stoneware glaze combinations, introducing the new SW-401 Mayco Flux fell right in place for adding even more excitement to the glazed surface. Learning how SW-401 Mayco Flux enhances glaze movement to create stunning effects, NCECA attendees were on the search to purchase Mayco Flux as soon as possible. Luckily, Chesapeake Ceramics' booth was across the isle way with the convenient 4-ounce jar – perfectly fitting into their carry-ons.

To further excite clay enthusiasts with surface decoration, I demonstrated Mayco Designer Silkscreens and explained the vast possibilities of screen printing directly on clay, bisque or over glaze. Chesapeake Ceramics also nearly sold out of their stock of Designer Silkscreens – even a couple from our booth displays were snagged to sell to a lucky customer.

Mayco looks forward to furthering the excitement of clay artists at the 2017 NCECA Annual Conference, Future Flux in Portland, Oregon and we hope to see you there!

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