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Product Focus - Specialty Glazes

Snowfall (SG-302) is a dimensional glaze that creates a white, textured surface. It is a non-moving glaze and, as such, application methods (brushing, detailer bottle/slip trailer) have an impact on the fired result.

Cobblestones create a textured “cobbled” surface when fired. Apply SG-201 Black Cobblestone or SG-202 White Cobblestone over another glaze and during the firing process, a shattered pattern of raised, irregular chips will emerge and the underlying glaze will appear in the cracks. Application thickness, drying time before firing, firing atmosphere and temperature can all affect the fired results you obtain.

Mayco Flux (SW-401) is a mid-range glaze that was developed to be used in combination with other mid-range glazes to produce flowing effects. Mayco Flux interacts with other glazes to create movement, bringing about "hidden" colors and visual texture.  The order in which you apply Mayco Flux - above or beneath another glaze - impacts the fired result. Designed to fire to cone 5/6, but can be fired to cone 9/10 (movement will be more pronounced at higher temperatures).

Sculpting Medium (SG-501) is a dimension "glaze" that produces a white, raised surface. A great use of Sculpting Medium is to add structured design elements to you work using stencils, lace and stamps.  Apply a stencil to your piece, brush Sculpting Medium over the stencil; let the Medium set up a bit and remove the stencil. It has the viscosity of condensed milk and it can be brushed on or applied with a sponge.  Sculpting Medium can be applied directly on bisque or on top of an unfired glaze. 

Product Features:

  • Snowfall is texture you can see & feel.
  • Color SG-302 Snowfall by applying 1 coat of your favorite Stroke & Coat over the Snowfall. Clear Brushing or Clear Dipping Glazes can also be applied over Snowfall.
  • Apply 1 coat of Stroke & Coat® over Cobblestone glaze for colorful textural effects.
  • Cobblestones may also be fired to cone 6 to add a unique look to mid-range fire designs.
  • SG-201 Black Cobblestone will not break up over Matte glazes. If Black Cobblestone is desired on Mattes use SG-202 and apply 1 coat of SC-15 to achieve this effect.
  • Variables that influence Flux movement include the fluidity of the companion glaze, application methods, thickness and orientation of application, number of coats, firing temperature and program.
  • To prevent glaze run-off, avoid applying Flux to the bottom third of your ware.
  • The recommended application thickness for Sculpting Medium is 1/16 to 1/8.
  • The fired finish of Sculpting Medium can be coarse and have rough edges; a layer of clear glaze (or a colored glaze) will smooth these sharp edges.
  • Sculpting Medium can be applied in a painterly fashion using brushstrokes or squeezed through a writer tip.
  • Fine detailed textures can be created using Sculpting Medium with stencils, paper cut-out patterns, and other tools.
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798   Cardinal In the Snow
Molds allow you to focus on experimenting with surface design.   

Open a world of design opportunities by using Specialty glazes

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 cobblestone in design    GrayOpal LimeShower Flux Vase
Encourage students to experiment with texture from Mayco's specialty glazes.   

Mayco Specialty glazes and Flux can transform your pottery.

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