Stoneware Glaze - Cone 10

Stoneware glazes fired in a gas kiln, cone 10, reduction atmosphere, on a Standard Clay Stoneware slipcast body.

SW-121 Smoke SW-121 Smoke
SW-122 Maycoshino SW-122 Maycoshino
SW-123 Sapphire SW-123 Sapphire
SW-124 Matte Maycoshino SW-124 Matte Maycoshino
SW-125 Purple Mist SW-125 Purple Mist
SW-127 Olivine SW-127 Olivine
SW-128 Cordovan SW-128 Cordovan
SW-129 Copper Float SW-129 Copper Float
SW-130 Copper Jade SW-130 Copper Jade
SW-131 Birch SW-131 Birch
SW-132 Mirror Black SW-132 Mirror Black
SW-133 Copper Ore SW-133 Copper Ore
SW-134 Eggplant SW-134 Eggplant
SW-135 Wintergreen SW-135 Wintergreen
SW-136 Weathered Blue SW-136 Weathered Blue
SW-137 Storm Gray SW-137 Storm Gray
SW-138 Lemon Meringue SW-138 Lemon Meringue
SW-140 Black Matte SW-140 Black Matte
SW-141 White Matte SW-141 White Matte
SW-142 Gray Matte SW-142 Gray Matte
SW-143 Abalone SW-143 Abalone
SW-144 Lava Rock SW-144 Lava Rock
SW-145 Tea Dust SW-145 Tea Dust
SW-146 Aurora Green SW-146 Aurora Green
SW-147 Moonscape SW-147 Moonscape
SW-148 Lime Shower SW-148 Lime Shower
SW-149 Crackle White SW-149 Crackle White
SW-150 Celadon Bloom SW-150 Celadon Bloom
SW-151 Olive Float SW-151 Olive Float
SW-152 Blue Splatterware SW-152 Blue Splatterware

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