Stoneware Glaze - Cone 10

Stoneware glazes fired in a gas kiln, cone 10, reduction atmosphere, on a Standard Clay Stoneware slipcast body.

SW-179 Muddy Waters SW-179 Muddy Waters
SW-180 Desert Dusk SW-180 Desert Dusk
SW-181 Night Moth SW-181 Night Moth
SW-182 Antique Brass SW-182 Antique Brass
SW-183 Oxblood SW-183 Oxblood
SW-184 Speckled Toad SW-184 Speckled Toad
SW-509 Dark Green Gloss SW-509 Dark Green Gloss
SW-510 Blue Gloss SW-510 Blue Gloss
SW-001 Clear SW-001 Clear
SW-002 Matte Clear SW-002 Matte Clear
SW-003 Crackle Matte Clear SW-003 Crackle Matte Clear
SW-004 Zinc Free Clear SW-004 Zinc Free Clear
SW-100 Blue Surf SW-100 Blue Surf
SW-101 Stoned Denim SW-101 Stoned Denim
SW-104 Black Walnut SW-104 Black Walnut
SW-105 Frost Blue SW-105 Frost Blue
Sw-106 Alabaster Sw-106 Alabaster
SW-107 Dunes SW-107 Dunes
SW-108 Green Tea SW-108 Green Tea
SW-109 Capri Blue SW-109 Capri Blue
SW-110 Oyster SW-110 Oyster
SW-111 Wrought Iron SW-111 Wrought Iron
SW-112 Tiger's Eye SW-112 Tiger's Eye
SW-113 Speckled Plum SW-113 Speckled Plum
SW-115 Midnight Rain SW-115 Midnight Rain
SW-116 Robin's Egg SW-116 Robin's Egg
SW-117 Honeycomb SW-117 Honeycomb
SW-118 Sea Salt SW-118 Sea Salt
SW-119 Cinnabar SW-119 Cinnabar
SW-120 Northern Woods SW-120 Northern Woods

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