Pottery Camp 2019

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Pottery Camp is intended for Paint-Your-Own Pottery owners, managers, and key staff. It is a two-day session filled with techniques, marketing, tips, tricks, and product knowledge. As the tagline states – Imagination, Inspiration, Education:


You will glaze several projects and from there take portions of the techniques, colors, ideas and make them your own. Most projects are ready for a workshop or class.  But you can put your own spin on the project since you know your customers.


One of the benefits of attending Pottery Camp is networking with your peers. Sometimes the most random idea pops up and changes your world. The Mayco instructors Crista Toler, Bre Kathman, and Teddy Wright work to inspire you with additional uses for the projects and creative displays. We will feed your imagination. 


Pottery Camp is filled with product knowledge - how the glazes work, what combines well and what doesn't work. You will be able to go back to your studio and help your customers create awesome projects and direct them in a successful manner. It is great to have a pretty project, but you need to know how to make any adjustments needed for your studio. Pottery Camp covers marketing, displays, samples that sell, product knowledge and so much more!

Thanks to everyone who attended Pottery Camp 2019 in Asheville, NC!

Watch this space for future details on Pottery Camp in 2020

Visit the our event listings page to learn about a future Pottery Camp near you!

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