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One of our founding principles at Mayco is to provide the best quality product possible to our customers. Recently, Colleen and our Ceramic Engineer, Steve Kutney, visited two of our factories in China to address concerns about the quality of the bisque we have been receiving.

Each factory has their unique quality issues including slip formulation and compatibility with our glazes as well as the finishing details of cleaning, attachment of handles, etc. Our engineer and their professional staff reviewed raw material standards and formula specifications that would minimize compatibility issues that are manifested in shivering and crazing.

As a result of their visit, increased quality control measures were established at both factories. Random samples are sent monthly on which we will do our regular testing for glaze fit and strength. We will also be sending these samples out to an independent lab for analysis to detect shifts in the composition that could cause problems. (We currently do outside testing which is how we noticed a shift in the product composition.) Of course, we will continue to monitor and test items from every shipment we receive. We test one case of each shape, trying to induce shivering or crazing. We have also added testing the bisque with clear glaze only.

Mayco will continue to work in-house and with our bisque manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality bisque.

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