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Mayco & Glass

Bearing It AllIdeas and techniques for incorporating Mayco color products and Creative Tools into glass fusing.

There is a lot of crossover between glass fusing and ceramics these days. The cool thing is a variety of Mayco Colors and Creative Tools work well with Glass Fusing to add designs and textures.

These Mayco products work great with glass!

  • Designer Liner
  • Stroke & Coat®
  • Designer Silkscreens
  • Texture Tools
  • Designer Mats
  • Designer Stamps
  • Xiem Tools Art Rollers

To learn more information on the features of each of these product lines and how they work with glass, continue reading.

Designer Liner is a highly pigmented underglaze that does not contain frit, therefore, drawn or painted fine lines and details stay in place during the fuse firing.

Using Designer Liner on glass can be applied directly from the bottle with the included applicator tip for fine lines, painted with a brush for larger areas or extra fine details, or applied onto a Designer Stamp or Designer Mat with a Sponge-on-a-Stick to transfer the design onto glass.

Stroke & Coat® is the #1 glaze in the PYOP market and works great on Earthenware, Stoneware and Glass.

Paint Stroke & Coat® colors onto Thinfire paper and sandwich between two pieces of glass. For a softer look, paint designs directly onto glass with a brush. For more bold lines and details, add Designer Liner for finishing touches.

Designer Silkscreens offer a variety of highly detailed designs and over 20 themes to choose from, producing images that can't be achieved by a stamp or drawing. Created with a digital manufacturing process, Designer Silkscreens are very durable for repeated use with proper cleaning and storage care. For the best images, best transfer, and best material for a long usage life, choose Mayco Designer Silkscreens.

To use Designer Silkscreens on Glass, mix Designer Liner with Mayco Silkscreen Medium (AC-310) to screen crisp, detailed images. Use a variety of colors and designs to create an artistic scene. Clear cap and add frit on top of the design to add depth, dimension and more color.

Texture Tools are another great way to add other designs to glass art. Mayco overs over 50 Designer Stamps (measuring 2" x 6.75") ranging from Snowflakes and Holly Borders to Tribal and Coral Reef designs to choose from. The larger Designer Mats (measuring 7" x 9"), make it easy to apply repetitive patterns onto the surface. Xiem Art Rollers are another great texture tool to use when adding surface characteristics and designs.

For texture tools with Glass, use a Sponge-on-a-Stick to apply color to a Designer Stamp or Mat and transfer the design to glass. Also create a textured fusible surface with Xiem Art Rollers or pressing Stamps or Mats into clay.

The projects below were made using a variety of Mayco Colors and Creative Tools:

sugar skull windChime glassDia de Muertes Wind Chime

Featuring Designer Stamps Large Deco Circles (ST-354) and Butterfly (ST-121) used with Designer Liner colors Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Bright Green and Bright Blue.

For the project instructions for "Dia de Muertes Wind Chime", click here.



Bearing It AllBearing it All 

This project features Designer Silkscreen Woodland Animals (DSS-0101) with Designer Stamp Leafy Border (ST-367) and Designer Liner colors Black, White, Blue, Green and Brown.

For the project instructions for "Bearing it All", click here.



DogDaysDog Days

With the highly pigmented Designer Liner, intermixing the colors offer a wide range of hues that helped create this unique project. Featuring the DSS-0119 Dogs Designer Silkscreen and Designer Liner colors Black, Red, Brown and Yellow, this fused glass piece makes a great framed artwork to simply add hooks for dog leashes.

For the project instructions for "Dog Days", click here.


Glass firing with Mayco products is easy. The Spectrum System 96 full fuse firing works well with projects that are two full layers. In addition, we recommend a bubble squeeze particularly projects with a white glass base. Spectrum’s 6-segment firing schedules and Bubble Squeeze information may be found on the Spectrum Glass website.

Take a look at these resources for more tips for use and product information.

Resources - Color:

Resources - Creative Tools:

Happy Fusing!

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