Custom Silkscreens

Convert your original artwork - or artwork for which you have the legal rights to use* - into a hand-applied silkscreen. No frame required! Below we'll review the processes for submitting art, provide advice on file preparation and other helpful hints. Following the link to the convenient check-out process (connects you to PayPal) will complete the purchase transaction.

IMPORTANT! Our custom silkscreens are designed to be applied by hand and without the use of a silkscreen frame.  Please see videos below for examples of how to use our custom silkscreens.

 Please read information, requirements, restrictions, and considerations below before purchasing

 Custom Silkscreens Purchase


*IMPORTANT – "Artwork" includes any artwork to which you have ownership or the proper copyrights to reproduce.  During check-out, you will be required to read and accept the Terms and Conditions for sale, which include a Hold Harmless Agreement and an Acknowledgement of Copyright statement.

For logos and artwork that you are using with permission: you will be required to submit documentation that details your usage rights.

Mayco reserves the right to reject images we deem inappropriate or of questionable copyright status.




IMPORTANT: After purchase is complete, email your files (in JPEG or PDF format only)
to  "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

custom silkscreen layout guide

Artwork Considerations & Recommendations:


JPG files

57 BelAir sm 57 BelAir cropped css 001 classic cars
A screen made from this image will include the trees, the pavement - everything you see in this photo. The contrast of light an dark areas will translate into the screen - you will get an exact replication. In this version, the car was clipped out using Adobe Photoshop. It was also converted to grayscale. A screen produced from this image will include all the contrast and shading as seen in this photo. The cars were converted to halftone images. The contrast levels were reduced - but tonal differences are still noticeable. The "density" of the screen - the amount of perforations "burned" into the screen - is reduced when using halftone images.


Copyright Considerations:

Send artwork via email: "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." (no quotes)
Please include your name, order # (send artwork after purchase) and shipping address in the body of your email (we will use shipping address to match the information you will supply during the check-out process)

If you're ready to begin the process - click on the "Custom Silkscreens" link below:

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