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High Fire looks at Low Fire Temperatures

Pottery Cascade™ are moving, flowing glazes, commonly used under or over other glazes to create reactions and movement. Can be applied randomly or uniformly, brushed or dabbed on with a sponge. The colored cascades – white and amber – add a tinge of color to glazes with which they are used. Use Pottery Cascade™ as a flux with Elements™ to create movement in the colors. Great visual effects are create when added under, over or in-between Elements™ or Element™ Chunkies.Cascades are perfect for the low fire designer seeking to create the looks achieved at higher temperatures. Their variability insures that no two designs will be exactly alike.


General Use

Apply 1-2 coats with a brush or sponge, under or over another glaze. You can influence the direction of the flow or create a pattern by how you apply the glazes. Allow to dry thoroughly. Fire to cones 06/05. To prevent the glaze from running off your vertical pieces do not apply Pottery Cascades to the bottom third of the piece.


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Pottery Cascade Glazes

PC-601 PC-602
PC-601 Clear Cascade PC-602 White Cascade


Product Features

pc sp 01 Movement and Flow

Pottery Cascade™ are commonly used by low-fire designers who seek to simulate effects of higher fire glazes. With the disappearance of leaded glazes from the markets, Cascades have been used to create the flowing movement lead used to provide.


Application Recommendations

The following application recommendations are based upon the original product development intent and use for the product. Information on alternative application methods is listed in the section "Usage Variations and FAQ's". 


Product Usage & FAQs


Q: What tips do you have for applying Pottery Cascade™?

A: Apply PC-602 White Cascade and PC-603 Amber Cascade with a brush in 1-3 coats. Can be dabbed on at random, evenly or unevenly to create different flow patterns using a sea wool sponge, for example. PC-601 Clear Cascade should be brushed on as you would apply a glaze. Apply 1-2 brushed coats over or under a non-toxic glaze. Do not go below the halfway point of the piece, as the PC-601 Clear Cascade flows the most. Pottery Cascade™ can be applied between color, underneath and over colors for different effects.

Other conditions that could affect the performance of Pottery Cascade™ include:

Q: How do the "personalities" of each Pottery Cascade™ differ?

A: PC-601 Clear Cascade produces a more flowing effect, and allows the color of the base glaze to show through. It can also alter your original color, creating a new color. It will form runs or you can direct the runs when you apply the product. PC-602 White Cascade intermingles with the other glazes being used, introducing pure white to the colors you are using, blending with the color. PC-602 White Cascade has a minimum movement and will stay in the pattern that you apply it in. The degree of movement of PC-603 Amber Cascade is moderate and allows the color of the base glaze to show through.


Q: Can Pottery Cascade™ be used by itself?

A: Yes, Pottery Cascade™ can be used alone.


Q: Is Pottery Cascade™ over-glaze (luster) compatible?

A: Yes, but always test first before undertaking a major project.




Label Directions

"Shake well. For a flowing effect, brush on 1-2 coats over or under other non-toxic glazes on shelf cone 04 bisque (1060° C). Do not apply on bottom half of piece. Let dry. Fire to shelf cone 06 (999° C). Do not spray apply without proper personal protective equipment. Food Safe, Non-Toxic and Non Hazardous when used according to manufacturer's directions.  May not be suitable for food surfaces due to surface characteristics. For more information, refer to MSDS at www.maycocolors.com."