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Patina & Rusting Agents 

Magic Metallics Patina and Rusting Agents

Application Recommendations

Helpful Hints

 Magic Metallics™ Projects


Magic Metallics™ Patinas and Rapid Rust act to oxidize Magic Metallic metal acrylics. Copper, and Dark Bronze will develop a patina stain when treated with MM-200 Verde Green Patina, MM-201 Aqua Blue Patina or MM-202 Green Patina. Steel will rust when treated with MM-305 Rapid Rust. 


Magin Metallics™ Patinas & Rust Palette

MM-202   MM-305  
Green Patina 
Rapid Rust 

Application Recommendations

  • While the second coat of metallic paint is still wet, apply the rust or patina agents with a brush, sponge or spritzer nozzle. The Magic Metallics™ colors need to be wet for oxidation to occur.  
  • Oxidation begins within 20 minutes - Rust may take a little longer.  When you achieve the level of oxidation you desire dry the surface with a paper towel, fan or hair dryer. As long as the patina or rusting agents remain wet the oxidation process will continue. 
  • Then seal with AC-502 Matte Sealer.

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Helpful Hints

  • All the Patinas can be mixed with each other. 
  • The Patinas will also work on any ferrous metals. Idea: fill a clean stamp pad with a patina and use rubber stamps to print onto thin copper sheeting. The stamp design will remain as a patina pattern.
  • If working on glass, apply MM-502 Matte Sealer before applying a metal paint.  The sealer serves to tack-up the glass and improves adhesion.

Product Label Directions

 MM-202 Green Patina

SHAKE WELL: Magic Metallics™ Patinas can be applied by brushing, sponging or spritzing onto surfaces base coated with Magic Metallics™ colors. Apply Patinas while last coat of metallic is still wet. Oxidation process is not instantaneous but will occur gradually over a period of time. If disposing of product in sink be sure to flush with plenty of water as product can oxidize metal sinks and drains.

MM-305 Rapid Rust

SHAKE WELL: Rapid Rust finish can be applied by brushing, sponging or spritzing onto surfaces based coated with Steel Metallic. Apply Rapid Rust finish while last application of Steel Metallic is still wet. Oxidation/aging process will occur in a short while. Once desired effect is achieved, seal with Magic Metallics™ Sealer. Clean up with water. If disposing of product in sink, be sure to flush with plenty of water as product can oxidize metal sinks and drains.

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