Debbie & Andrea

During the 2012 NAEA Convention in Manhattan this year, Mayco had the pleasure of sponsoring a workshop instructed by Debbie Supplitt and Andrea Johnston from Battleground, Washington. The projects they presented were featured in a Mayco Professional Development Workshop in Yakima Washington on November 17, 2011.

Ms. Supplitt was notified that her workshop was the first to fill  - and that there was a waiting list of 60 eager Art Educators begging to attend! Debbie only uses Mayco Products is because “it’s kid proof”. She also stated:“We got great reviews from our workshop participants. We also were able to do a second project featuring a Pacific Northwest Salmon design. We used the clay carbon paper to transfer the image and assorted Stroke & Coat® colors to glaze in.”

Royal Brush Company supplied a packet of four brushes for each participant and Mayco supplied the glaze.  Debbie continues: "Each participant left with two tiles: one 6" Owl and one 4" Pacific Northwest Salmon, ready for the kiln. Plus two frames, one created by the Battle Ground High School Wood Shop. The extra glaze that was left over we donated to a participant who was just beginning a ceramics program at her school. She was a first year teacher from Mass. who was struggling with supplies, as we all are. She was so delighted! Thanks again for the wonderful contribution.”

We believe it critical to keep art educators inspired, with their creative energies recharged. If you are facilitating a workshop at your Art Educators Fall conference, please contact one of our Professional Development Coordinators, who will be happy to help with project ideas and or product.

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